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Welcome to Ako Dining…

Ako Dining is a family-run business at heart, which started, quite literally, from the sofa of a one-bedroom flat on the south coast of Dorset. Ako began with a team of close friends and family, with everyone providing the same love and passion as our founders, Olivia and Zak.

Launched in May 2021, just as the world was finally coming out of lockdown, and people were able to reconnect with friends and family once again. During COVID, Olivia and Zak worked tirelessly for NHS Test & Trace full-time while trying to follow their dream and build a business. They wanted to bring people together and enjoy the finer things that they hadn’t been able to take advantage of for a while.

Crafted with Love and Expertise, Served at Ako Dining

Zak, Ako’s superstar chef, grew up in France and has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, which has given him a broad understanding of many cuisines. He has worked for several well-known chefs, including Angela Hartnett and Marcus Wareing, before launching a bespoke dining business with his fiancé, Olivia. 

As Olivia comes from a relais and château background, it’s no surprise that excellent service is her passion. Having hosted VIP guests at intimate dinners and orchestrated numerous weddings, Olivia is composed under pressure and always has a smile on her face. Together, the pair drive Ako forward! 

Impeccable Service, Memorable Moments: Ako Dining.

The company has now become a family of its own, one that continues to grow along with the business and their ambitions. Locally sourced ingredients and high-quality service have always been of paramount importance to Zak and Olivia and are just two of the things that they are widely recognised for today.

“We love what we do, and we hope that this passion shines through in every dish we create and serve. Clients can expect to receive bespoke solutions from our stellar team, as we deliver delicious meals and fine dining solutions, no matter the occasion.”

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for visiting our website – we are honoured you are considering Ako Dining for your special day or event, and we can’t wait to turn your vision into a reality

Zak & Olivia

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